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Myle v1 pod were developed and tested rigorously to ensure they don’t leak. Our no-leak technology means you never have to deal with messy juice trickles, and your sleek, colorful pod will pop into a place like a dream! Take your time and choose the flavors that appeal to you most, whether Apple Mango, Iced Coffee, Sweet Tobacco – or any of our wide range of taste experiences. Use these pods with the Mylé device you’ll find in our Basic Kit, and enjoy the difference technology can make in your quality vaping experience.

What is myle v1 pod system device?

MYLE Ultra Portable Pod Kit delivers an elaborate and beautiful all-in-one vape kit featuring an integrated 240mAh rechargeable battery and a rich flavor ecosystem with prefilled 0.9mL MYLE Pod cartridges produced by SaltNic Brand. The MYLE Pod System implements intricate lines with a futuristic impression that holds comfortably in hand for ergonomic portability.

Staying true to its closed-system core, the MYLE vape system is enabled by a draw-activated mechanism for a simple and easy-to-use platform. The addition of a proprietary magnetic connection provides added convenience when replacing pods. The MYLE’s pod system holds 0.9mL of e-juice with 50mg nicotine strength (Note: pods are not included) in many flavor options such as Cubano Tropical Mango, Summer Strawberry, and Mighty Mint.

MYLE V1 POD Flavor

Myle Iced Apple Mango

Myle Iced Mint

Myle Iced Quad Berry


Myle Sweet Mango

Myle Iced Watermelon

Myle Pound Cake

Myle Sweet Tobacco

Myle Tropical Fruit Mix

 Vape Dubai King

Myle Vape Device V1 Performance

The V1 Myle device uses a 240mAh battery which is more than enough for 4-5 hours of the intense vaping session. When it comes to e-liquid capacity, each pod holds 0.9ml, which is equal to 240 puffs per pod. It has great airflow characteristics and a responsive puff sensor. Moreover, the draw is easy, and if you are looking for that dense and satisfying vapor, this Myle vaping device is the right choice. 

As a starter device, Myle V1 is a great selection, but if you are looking for a vaping device that offers more complex features and adjustments, you might find this particular device simply plain. On the other hand, if you are looking for a lightweight, streamlined, and portable pod, you will love Myle’s V1. 

MYLE V1 POD Flavors:

  •     Cubano – Rich Creamy Tobacco
  •     Lush Ice – Watermelon Menthol
  •     Mighty Mint – Menthol
  •     Tropical Mango – Mango
  •     Summer Strawberry – Strawberry
  •     Iced QuadBerry – Mixed berry
  •     Iced Apple Mango – Apple mango ice 
  •     Pound cake – Sweet cake 
  •     Tropical Fruit – Mixed fruits 
  •     Sweet tobacco – Rich sweet tobacco 

The Vaping Experience with the MYLE V1 POD

We already expressed our positive impressions of the Myle flavor selection, but there is more to add. Besides the taste, you will get the strong nicotine hit with the V1 due to the larger tank capacity and high-quality pods. The only thing that may be dissatisfactory for some is that Myle doesn’t support real chain vaping capabilities. For example, it requires a pause every three to four puffs, which is convenient if you ask us. After all, vaping is here to make you relax and enjoy each puff at the time.

The additional e-liquid pods don’t come with the Myle device. Still, you should remember that Myle produces some of the most affordable yet exceptionally good products – including the e-liquid pods. With four pods per pack that come in 10 original flavors for a price that never goes above 70 aed, you can save a lot of Money in the long run by choosing Myle’s V1. Also, each pod is prefilled with premium-quality ingredients like natural oils, flavors, and colorings.

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Pound Cake, Sweet Mango, Tropical Fruit Mix

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