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IQOS Heets CIGARETTE An attempt to quit smoking is underway among several habitual smokers. Smoking even one cigarette can damage one’s lungs. Alternatives to smoking are available, but some may not be healthy. IQOS has therefore been developing healthier alternatives to cigarettes for decades. In contrast to electronic cigarettes or e-liquids emitting thick fumes, IQOS has developed no-burn tobacco sticks. IQOS uses these sticks in a specific device, known as “Iqos Heets Cigarette.” IQOS units heat a stick of tobacco, transforming it into vapor. Tobacco is then heated, so it turns into vapor.

IQOS Heets Cigarette (Kazakhstan) Flavors

At vape Dubai king, we offer a wide range of options for our clients to enjoy the IQOS and HEETS experience in all its glory, from classics like Heet Classic or Dimensions flavour offerings such as Parliaments cigarettes; with their rich aromas that transport you back into memories through time! As well as limited edition aromatic flavours such as Creations Apricity (a refreshing blend)and Turquoise Selection(aromatic, fruity taste), there are many more surprises waiting just around every corner at Homesick smoke shop, so come find out which one suits your needs best today!

Taste of Iqos Heets CIGARETTE

Amber Label sticks have an unusual, rich, tart tobacco taste with light woody and nutty notes. The taste is strong and tart but leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste. The taste of tobacco is pronounced and has a characteristic odour. According to users, a light woody aroma still gives off a straw. Some have a nutty aftertaste. They are popular with consumers, so they quickly disappear from the shelves.

Silver Selection sticks have a rich, clean tobacco flavour. They have a fairly strong taste, almost no smell and resemble cigarettes. There are no flavours, no fruity, nutty, citrus, woody or other unusual notes. Inside are only selected tobacco leaves, dried, cut and pressed especially.

Turquoise Label Sticks are a simple yet win-win combination of cooling menthol notes with a pronounced tobacco base. Tobacco and menthol are in a perfect harmonious tandem 50/50. The taste is characterized by a refreshing burst of freshness that will help to add variety to the usual smoking process.

Yellow Selection sticks are the best option for light tobacco lovers, as they have a mild and sophisticated taste. Sticks combine selected tobacco blends and light spicy notes to please all connoisseurs of quality tobacco. Due to their discreet taste and aroma, cigarettes are suitable for daily use and satisfy most smokers. Yellow Selection will appeal to those who are just switching to IQOS from light cigarettes.

Purple Wave A bold combination designed to interest the most discerning connoisseurs of unforgettable taste and rich aroma. These sticks represent a tobacco blend with subtle notes of menthol and the aroma of ripe forest berries. That sounds good? Try it; it’s an unforgettable experience!

IQOS Bronze Selection tobacco sticks are an exquisite taste of a selected tobacco blend, the aromatic symphony of which contains notes of cocoa with a delicate echo of dried fruits, sounding in unison with the astringency of tobacco leaf. The tobacco is soft and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. There are few flavours, so they do not bore for a long time.

Green Zing The sticks have a great natural taste. Intense and cooling menthol is enhanced with fresh citrus and pleasant herbal, spicy notes. Green tea is caught in the aroma. Great for freshening up or capturing the sensation of lemon tea. Softness and a successful combination of menthol with hints of citrus without harsh, fruity aromas is the highlight of the green sticks. Due to the optimal ratio of flavour intensity and medium Strong, Heets Cigarette is suitable for both experienced smokers and those who decided to replace regular cigarettes with IQOS.\

IQOS Heets Smoking Sessions

Heets Selection provides 14 puffs of your preferred flavour. A six-minute session can last almost as long as a regular cigarette. The sticks retain their original form. After removing them from the device, dispose of them in a trash can. They may only be sold to adult smokers, according to UAE law. Despite its high quality, each stick is infused with various flavours and a premium tobacco blend.

 IQOS Heets Selection – How to use it?

Open the Pocket Charger door, insert the Holder into the charger, and then close. A flashing light at the top of your device will let you know it’s charging. 3. When it’s ready to use, gently insert a IQOS HEETS CIGARETTE, without twisting, into your Holder.

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