LAMBDA CC Heat Not Burn Device Starter Kits for Tobacco Sticks New

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2020 New Heat No Burn Device LAMBDA CC Heat Tobacco Not Burn Sticks Heating Dry Herb Electronic Cigarette Original Manufacturer.


1.) With OLED Display, unambiguous!

2.) 200 – 300℃ smoking temperature is adjustable; all is in your control!

3.) 3 – 6 minutes of smoking time is adjustable to satisfy the desire for smoking!

4.) With titanium steel alloy heating blade, NEVER break, no worry anymore!

5.) With a 3200mAh battery, support to use of about 40 heat sticks, super durable!

6.) Auto-cleaning + Super large heating space make the cleaning simple and convenient!

7.) Type-C charge port, more quickly and efficiently!

8.) Embedded magnetic cap, easy to take outburned heat sticks!

9.) Color: Black, White, Red, Grey, Army Green, Gold

LAMBDA CC Heat Specification:


Item No.: CC

Heating Type: Titanium Steel Alloy Heating Blade

LED Display: YES

Working Temp. : 200 – 300 ℃ adjustable

Smoking Time: 3 – 6 mins adjustable

Battery Capacity: 3200 mAh

Input Voltage: 5V / 2A

Charging Time: about 2.5 hrs

Smoking Times: 35- 40 times (Full Charge)

Product Size: 106.5*29.5*21.5 mm

Weight: 73g

Material: PEEK+PPSU+PC

Color: Black, White, Red, Grey, Gold, Army Green

Compatible With: All kinds of Heat Sticks

Package Includes:

1 x CC

1 x Brush

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x Manual

1 x QC Card

In the Box

As you would expect with any new heat-not-burn device, you get the usual accessories – a cleaning brush, a USB cable – though in this instance, it is a USB-C cable like the IQOS3 Multi, not a micro USB as is the norm for most other devices – along with a manual. Strangely, there weren’t any cleaning swaps included. Not that it mattered to me, as I have plenty from previous reviews.


 FEATURES: OLED screen, temperature adjustment, length of use adjustment, usage record, automatic cleaning, and easy-to-replace blade/rod.

QUALITY: We like that Lambda has improved its CC device’s design after hearing customer feedback. This updated version of Lambda fixes the “no atomizer” issue that was somewhat common with the original version of Lambda.

DESIGN: Nice, looks the same as the old Lambda CC. The internal design is a lot better now that replacing the heating blade/rod is easy. We love does offer both flat blades or rods. Now you can choose what heating element best suits your preference.

In the Lambda CC kit, you will find; the device, the manual, a Quality Control card, a USB cable, and a cleaning brush.

When you first get your device, check its charge by pressing the control button once and looking for the battery icon on the screen. If your device needs some charging, connect it to a power source via a USB cable. When charging is done, the screen will turn off. Charging takes approximately 3 hours.

how to use it

Now that the device is charged, you can customize its settings and begin using it. Here’s how;

  1. Set temperature:
    • Click + or – buttons to set the desired temperature
    • you can choose anywhere between 200C°/392F° and 300C°/572F°
    • Click any button to continue
  1. Set length of use:
    • Click the control button five times
    • length of cycle numbers will flash
    • Click + or – buttons to set the desired length of use
    • you can choose anything between 3 minutes and 6 minutes
    • Click any button to continue
  1. Insert the HeatStick
  2. Turn on:
    • press and hold the control button
  1. The device will vibrate, and temperature numbers change when heating begins
    • heating time varies based on the set temperature
  1. The device will vibrate, and the desired temperature will show on the screen when ready to use
  2. Warning vibration before the cycle ends
  3. The device will vibrate and return to the home screen when the cycle ends
  4. Remove HeatStick by pushing the cap up and pulling HeatStick out

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Army Green, black, gold, grey, red, white

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