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STIG DISPOSABLE VAPE the Volcanic Vapor Cigar is a revolutionary hybrid of two top-selling products. This product combines the greatest features of both the Volcano Vaporizers and the Stig Vaporizers.

Vgod Stig Disposable Vape Review

They are one of vaping’s most popular kids on the block, with a reputation for building gear that is pretty much untarnished and supporting the wonderful world of tricking.

Yup, VGOD is one of those rarities among brands that pretty much never suffers a fail and, with award-winning products like their Elite Mech, their Pro Mech and their incredible Pro R2 RDTA, there as a testament to their immaculate design prowess, it’s easy to understand why

So I wondered why they are releasing this weird little disposable pod system and how it fits in with the rest of their gear?

It seems so out of place amongst their lineup and the VGOD Stig pod system on the brand’s website. It didn’t take me too long to see the beauty in these Stig pods, with a little help from some friends who can’t get the hang of vaping.

Vgod Stig Disposable Vape Features

  • Draw activated
  • 100% disposable
  • 1 Stig should equal approx 20 cigarettes or 250-270 puffs
  • 6% Nicotine by volume (60mg salt-nic)
  • 1.2 ml salt-nic e-liquid pre-loaded
  • Pre-charged 260mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Available in Lush Ice, Tropical Mango, Cubano, Mighty Mint

Vgod Stig Disposable Vape  Flavors:

VGOD Cubano – 60mg

Cubano by VGOD is a smooth Cubano cigar with a drizzle of creamy vanilla, providing a fresh and rich Cuban tobacco flavour! Each Stig comes with 1.2ml of Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. Comes in a pack of three (3).

VGOD Lush Ice – 60mg

Lush Ice by VGOD is a delicious burst of fresh watermelon with sweet undertones of mixed melons and menthol on the exhale, providing a smooth and fruity all-day vaping experience.

VGOD Mighty Mint – 60mg

Mighty Mint by SaltNic is a refreshing cool mint providing the perfect amount of menthol for an irresistible all-day vape!

VGOD Tropical Mango – 60mg

Tropical Mango by SaltNic brings along a sweet mango with a hint of zing in every puff, providing a refreshing fruity flavour to satisfy your palate all day!

VGOD Iced Mango Bomb – 60mg

Iced Mango Bomb by SaltNic is a perfectly ripened mango blended with fresh menthol that will revitalize your senses. Look no further for an amazing fruit menthol vape once you’ve tried this flavour!

Vgod Stig Disposable Vape Build Quality & Design

The VGOD Stig is as simple a device as you’ll ever lay hands on. It looks like a USB stick, and it’s the same size.

Black plastic, with the STIG brand on one side and the flavour brand on the other. The 72 x 10 mm pod tapers on one end to accommodate your lips comfortably.

There is an 8.5 x 1.5 mm opening through which you draw on that same end.

On the other end of the Stig is a tiny hole that acts as a restricted mouth-to-lung (MTL) airflow hole and a port for the blue LED light that lights up when you fire (draw-activated) flashes when your battery is flat.

That is that you can’t open it, charge it or fill it because it is, indeed, a disposable pod!

How Does The Vgod STIG Disposable vape Perform?

First, if you’ve never heard of nic salts, let me explain. Cigarettes contain several chemicals solely to speed up your body’s nicotine uptake. Many heavy smokers, who try to use vaping to stop, fail because during a nicotine vape, the nicotine hits you slow and steady, in a very different way to the way it does when you smoke, which is quick as hell.

So, the bright minds of vaping managed to devise a delivery method that gets that nic into your bloodstream as fast as you do without struggling to breathe and eventually, possibly dying of lung cancer or emphysema. As a very limited nicotine user (usually 0-3mg), the nic salt, 60mg experience shocked my system.

Stock Coil Performance

The Stig has a tiny open coil and wick inside its 1.2ml juice tank. It provides the same amount of vapour very much as a cigarette provides smoke. The coil fires when you take a draw on the device. The coil’s resistance is unknown, but the actual dimensions of the coil and wick combined are roughly 8mm by 2.5 mm, so I’d imagine the resistance is fairly high.

Vgod Stig Disposable Battery Life

With intermittent use, the pre-charged battery should give you anywhere between 1 and 2 days of power. I did notice a large discrepancy between devices in my single pack. Also, it’s recommended that you use your pods within 3 months as the batteries do degrade or drain.


  • Extremely compact
  • Restricted draw mimics cigarettes perfectly
  • Draw-activated fire also fools the brain into thinking this is a cigarette!
  • Incredibly powerful, quick-action nicotine fix
  • Awesome, full flavour with a solid as HELL throat hit

Vgod Stig Disposable Final Review Verdict

The Vgod Stig is a very high nicotine device; I’m not going to lie. 60 MG will have anyone with addictive tendencies climbing the walls as soon as the device runs dry (Like me, right now, no lie).

A very effective nic-salt delivery system with exceptional flavour. Perfect for transitioning from cigarettes with and also for stealthy kicks at work, in the mall, in the cinema and when you’re tricking with zero nic liquids all day.

I must warn you to exercise temperance when toking on this little rocket as it is bloody strong!!!! I must admit I’m not supportive of such readily disposable batteries as they pose some serious environmental issues, but if it’s a fix you’re after, the Stig will have your back, no two ways about it.

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