VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge 2ml 2pcs In Dubai UAE

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The VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge a 2ml capacity and 1.2ohm coil resistance. Best for nic salts. Just get it for your VEIIK Airo Pod Kit.

VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge 2ml

I’ve tested three pre-production VEIIK Airo devices and over six pods. The cotton-wicked horizontal micro coils wick within three minutes, and I’ve got no serious leaking, spitting, or popping from the pods. It’s got a semi-loose MTL draw, but I wouldn’t call it a restricted lung hit. There is a side airflow hole that VEIIK says you can cover up to get a tighter draw, but I feel covering it is a bit clumsy and doesn’t change the draw much.

The best part of the Airo Pod Cartridge performance for me is its hit. It vapes warm without getting hot, and the throat hit is substantial. It also has a quick ramp, and it’s relatively quiet. It is great for getting a quick blast of high-strength nic salts. If you only have time for a couple of puffs, the Airo can set you straight!

But unfortunately, it hasn’t worked so well for chain vaping or just taking several hits. The flavor and vapor are decent to me, but I don’t see how this device could have temperature control. It starts to taste dry when I take five or so back-to-back three-second hits. Not a burnt hit, but feeling like one is coming. I’ve used 50/50 nic salts and even 70/30 PG/VG, and it’s been the same with both. Of course, I may take hits that are too long for the Airo, but that’s how I vape when using a mouth-to-lung hit. And it’s not like I’m pushing it that hard.

Also, some pods have a plastic taste on the initial fill, similar to the Aspire Spryte. And I’ve gotten several misfires with my all-black Airo. The plastic taste, at least, goes away within the first fill, but it’s not so pleasant pushing through that. The misfires on my all-black one happen for (seemingly) no reason, and I have to pull out a pod and drop it back in to get the device vaping. But sometimes that doesn’t even work, and I keep drawing and drawing until finally the automatic draw kicks in. It’s odd because I can get the LED to turn on, even though the coil sometimes won’t activate.

VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge Using the Pods

The VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge do not differ in design and functioning from other popular pod devices like the Nord or Caliburn. The units are fully integrated, so a mouthpiece is attached at the top. The pods are not meant to be opened or “hacked,” but some vapers have found ways to crack them open to replace the 1.2ohm horizontal coil inside.

Using the pods requires only filling and installing them into the battery section. The Airo pod has a side-fill port that is stopped with a silicone plug. The plug is not attached and given their size, you could easily lose them, which is why Veiik included four extra ones in the box. The plugs are not easily removed, but they do eventually come out.

The fill port can fit unicorn-style bottle tips so filling them is not so difficult. Fill the pod and close up the port. Let the cotton inside absorb the e-juice for about a minute or two before installing it into the battery. There is a sticker on the contacts at the base of the pod that users need to remove before installing.

The sticker covers the battery contacts as well as two magnets. The pod connects to the battery with those magnets to provide more security when in use. The battery section has a raised, angled lip that must match up with the pod, so you cannot incorrectly install the pods. The pod needs to match up with the right side to be installed successfully.

The Look and Feel of the VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge

The VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge and battery stand at under 100mm (3.93”) and at only 12.5mm (0.49”) wide, so it has a sleek, portable form factor. The bottom tip of the battery section is curved, which gives the device an attractive design. The panels on the mod section feature a faux-leather sticker. Real leather would have shot up the elegance factor ten-fold, but the sticker does a good job of imitating it.

They do not rip, curl, or tear, so they stay in place even when in use. The device has five color options, and they all stand out. The USB port on the device sits on the sides, along with the two air intake holes that are ergonomically placed so users can have better control over their vaping style.

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