Vape Battery AWT 18650 3000mah 35a-1PC

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Vape Battery AWT 18650 3000mah In Dubai,UAE

AWT battery18650 3000MAH 40AMP RECHARGEABLE ION BATTERY IN INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION CASE.  AWT18650 battery with 3000mah capacity and 40Amp at maximum pulse discharge, able to provide lots of clean energy for high or low drain devices. Manufactured by one of the largest battery makers.

Note: price above is for single battery. For your convince every battery packed in individual protection case.

Vape Battery AWT 18650 3000mah:

NominalVoltage: 3.70V
Nominal Capacity : 3000mAh
Charging Metod : CC/CV 4.20V
Discharge Voltage : 2.50V (Average Cut Off)
Charging Current CC : 1250mA
Rapid Charging Current : 4000mA
Continuous Discharge Current : 30-35A
Max. Short Peak Discharge CC : 40A
Weight : 60gr.max
Color : RED
Version : Flat Top
Protection : No

Vape Battery AWT 18650 3000mah Features:

High Capacity and Stable Discharge Voltage
Lightweight, small size, and high performance
Low internal resistance
Outstanding Discharge properties and Storage Capacity
Pollution-free, long cycle life
Minimal recharge memory loss
Vape battery Dubai

Vape Batteries Continue To Dominate

Back in the day, smoking was a simple concept. You have a hand pipe, some herb, and a lighter. Unfortunately, the smell that would come from using these was a dead giveaway. Technology continues to grow and produce the next generation of vaping products.

While there are plenty of users who continue to use the traditional methods, the industry is moving forward in a technological sense. While it was easy to make a pipe out of an old water jug and some tin foil, or an apple and a hollowed-out pen (if you were lucky) today’s world is built around spending that extra 10 – 15 dollars in order to have the best possible vape experience.

2020 – Vape Batteries Hit The Market

In the beginning, the vape battery craze wasn’t accepted wholeheartedly. Mostly due to the low battery size, as well as cartridge innovation hadn’t quite caught up to the standard many were looking for. Cotton wicks were seen as limited in terms of effectiveness and would short out quickly.

Then came larger vape batteries with multiple voltage settings. On top of that, coil innovation gave way to ceramic coils which can reach higher heat levels as well as maintain a longer lifespan. With these two innovations put together, cartridge size had the ability to grow. The typical 0.5 mL cartridge was then bumped up to a full 1.0 mL size. It was when these three factors came together that the vape industry exploded.

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