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The Vaporesso  GT Replacement Coils presents a dynamic coil option for the NRG sub ohm tank and the Cascade Tank series, deploying traditional cotton and signature cCelll Ceramic with it’s innovative structure. The flagship coil head is the 0.15ohm GT 8 Core, with a quad-cylinder structure and wattage range of 50 to 110W. Comes in a pack of three (3).

Vaporesso NRG GT Replacement Coils Features:

  • GT Cores Structure
  • 0.5ohm GT cCell Core – rated for 15-40W
  • 0.3ohm GT cCell2 Core – rated for 35-40W
  • 0.4ohm GT 2 Core – rated for 40-80W
  • 0.15ohm GT 4 Core – rated for 30-70W
  • 0.2ohm GT 6 Core – rated for 40-130W
  • 0.15ohm GT 8 Core – rated for 50-110W
  • 0.18ohm GT Mesh Core – rated for 50-90W
  • Comes in a pack of three (3).


Pod vaping systems come in two varieties: those with prefilled pods that you buy in packs and those with empty pods that you fill yourself. A refillable pods replacement pod comes with practically everything you need to vape, including coils and wicking material—all you have to do is add your e-liquid, select your nicotine strength, and put it into your pod. While not as convenient as prefilled pods, they enable you to concentrate on flavor and vapor rather than repeating the same flavor. While you can refill your pod with whatever juice you like, after a few uses, replace your old pod with a new one safely because it will need to be replaced to enjoy the customized vape ultimately.


It depends on the customer’s vaping habits and the liquid capacity of each pod. According to these estimates Vaporesso Nrg Gt Replacement Coils , if your pod lasted four days, you could experience roughly 1080 puffs of pure pleasure before replacing it. A sudden loss of flavor decreased vapour production or the dreaded dry hits signals that your pod needs to be replaced; however, because refillable alternative pods are available packs, you may install some other as soon as you end one, giving them a notable fee for the excellent value for money.

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.15, .25, .6, 0.12ohm dual mesh, 0.150HM DUEL MESH COIL, 0.17ohm single mesh, 0.2 ohm, 0.25 ohm, 0.27 ohm, 0.2OHM CONICAL MESH COIL, 0.3 OHM, 0.4 ohm, 0.4ohm KA1 Mesh, 0.5 ohm, 0.6 OHM, 0.6 ohm Mesh, 0.6 ohm mesh coil, 0.6ohm KA1 Mesh, 0.7 OHM, 0.7 ohm NS MESH Coil, 0.8 ohm, 0.80 Ohm NI80 pod, 1., 1.0 ohm, 1.0 ohm mesh, 1.2, 1.2 ohm, 1.2 ohm mlt coil, 1.2 Ohm NI80 pod, 1.2 ohm NS SS316L Coil, 1.2 ohm regular coil, 1.2ohm For salt, 1.3 Ohm Ccell, 1.4 ohm MTL, 1.4 ohm regular, 1.4ohm ceramic, 1.5 ohm, 1.6 ohm NS Coil, 1.6 regular coil, 1.8, 1.8 OHM, 24GA, 26GA, 28GA, 2ml Ccell 1.3 ohm, 2ml Meshed 0.6 ohm, 4.3ML RMP PODS, 4.3ML RPM PODS, 4.5ML RPM NORD PODS, a1, Baby V2 S1, Baby V2 S2, Ceramic 1.3 ohm, Ceramic 1.4ohm, D4 Uforce 0.4 ohm, DC 0.6 MTL, DC 0.8 ohm MTL, EMPTY LP2 POD, EMPTY RPM POD, GT cCell 0.5 ohm, GT Mesh 0.18 ohm, GT2 0.4 ohm, GT4 0.15 ohm, GT6 0.2 ohm, GT8 0.15 ohm, GTcCell 0.3 ohm, GTX Mesh 0.2 ohm, GTX Mesh 0.3 ohm, GTX Mesh 0.6, GTX Mesh 0.8, Gtx Mesh 1.2, k4, LP2 DC 0.6 ohm coil, LP2 MESHED 0.23ohm coil, LUXE Q MESH 0.8, LUXE Q MESH 1.2, m2, mesh 0.4 ohm, Mesh 0.6 ohm, Mesh 0.65 ohm, MESH 0.8 OHM, Mesh 0.8ohm, MTL 0.8ohm, MTL 1.0 OHM, N1 Uforce 0.13 ohm, N3 Uforce 0.2 ohm, Nichrome 1.2 ohm, NORD 4 RPM 2 POD, NORD 4 RPM POD, NXT Mesh 0.80 ohm, P2 Uforce 0.6 ohm, Pack of 2 – 0.65 ohm, Pack of 2 -1.3 ohm, PNP MTL FOR SALT, PNP POD, PnP R2-1.0 OHM, PnP TM-2, PnP VM-3, PnP VM-5, PnP VM-6, PnP-C1 1.2 Ohm, PnP-M2 0.6 Ohm, PnP-R1 0.8 Ohm, PNP-R2 1.0 OHM (10-15W), PNP-TR1 1.2OHM (10W-15W) MTL, PNP-VM1 0.3OHM (32-40W), PnP-VM1-0.3 ohm, PNP-VM3 0.45OHM (25-35W), PNP-VM4 0.3OHM (20-28W), PnP-VM4-0.6 ohm, PNP-VM5 0.2OHM (40-60W), PNP-VM6 0.15OHM (60-80W), q2, QF MESHED 0.2 OHM, QF STRIP 0.15 OHM, Quartz 1.2 ohm, Quartz Coil Pod 1.4 Ohm, Raguler 1.15 ohm, Regular 0.8 ohm, Regular 1.0ohm, RGC Concical Mesh Coil 0.17 ohm, RGC DC MTL Coil 0.8 ohm, RGC MESH Coil 0.3 ohm, RPM 2 Mesh 0.16, RPM 4 LP2 POD, RPM 4 RPM POD, Rpm MTL mesh 0.3 ohm, s2, Sc 1.0 ohm, T10, T6, T8, TF-MESH COIL 0.15OHM, Triple 0.6 ohm, TTP-DM1 0.15 OHM (60W-80W), TTP-DM1-0.15 MESH, TTP-DM2-0.2 MESH, TTP-DM2-0.2 OHM (40W-60W), TTP-DM3-0.15 (80W-100W), TTP-DM4-0.3 OHM (32-40W), u2 uforce .4 ohm, U4 Uforce 0.23 ohm, U6 Uforce 0.15 ohm, u8 uforce .15 ohm, U8 Uforce 0.15 ohm, UM2 Mesh 0.23 ohm, UN2 Meshed-H 1.2ohm(9-13W), V12 Prince M4, V12 Prince Mesh, V12 Prince Q4, V12 Prince T10, V12 Prince X6, V8-BABY-M2 0.15 OHM, V8-BABY-M2 0.25 OHM, V8-BABY-MESH, V8-BABY-Q2 0.4 OHM, V8-BABY-T6 0.2 OHM, V8-BABY-T8 0.15 OHM, V8-BABY-X4 0.15 OHM, WENAX POD 0.8 OHM, WENAX POD 1.2 OHM, X-U Tech 1.5 ohm, X-U Tech 1.8 ohm, x4, Xros Mesh 0.8, Xros Mesh 1.2, ZERO 2 POD CCELL, ZERO 2 POD MESH, ZERO MESH POD, ZERO POD FOR SALT

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